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Why Family Photography plays an important role in child development


When you first become a parent you are bombarded with a list of must have-s and must do-s. There’s an endless list of necessities to buy and prepare, and an even longer list of good advice. But nothing can really prepare you for the challenge you’re about to face, and even more so, no words will ever convey the gravity of the experience you’re about to embark on and secret ingredient that will make it all work perfectly!

This secret ingredient is you and your incredible family!



For the next 20 years or so your whole life will turn into an adventure of raising new capable human beings. It’s not just a moment in time nor a single event. It’s a constant process where you grow alongside that little person you just created. It’s the most significant and magical time of your life.

So how are you going to document it? 



1. You and your partner are the most important people in your child’s life. You can not accept absence from these images documenting beautiful smiles, major milestones and formation of your little one’s character.

These are not just photos of you and your baby. It’s a beautiful documentation of your love, and devotion. Something no words can describe, but something that can be shown and preserved in a photograph for years to come.


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Newborn sessions at my Sunderland studio – What about parents & siblings?

Newborn sessions are an incredible way of capturing all those little details of a brand new baby, which will be gone shortly after delivery. That wonderful freshness of a new life, curled up squishy legs, and most adorable facial expression they produce while asleep. But I’m also often asked whether it is possible to enhance the gallery with a couple of family portraits during my newborn session and my answer is always the same!

You & your older children are more than welcome to take part in your baby’s newborn session!


Arrival of a tiny new member is an incredibly important moment for every family! The photos we will prepare on the day of your session will give a beautiful and authentic statement of your emotions. Your love and joy will paint those pictures and they will warm your heart up more than once when looking back at these photos years later.


My spacious studio located in Frederick Street, Sunderland offers plenty of space for families with children. Most importantly, during your newborn session there will be plenty of breaks for feeding and nappy changing giving me an opportunity to work with your older children and prepare fantastic single portraits for them as well!

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Such a great newborn session with this lovely family. When capturing this gorgeous boy we decided to stick to the light, neutral colours giving us great bright photos. As you can see he slept so well during his session, meaning we could put him in some adorable poses. The parents also participated in the newborn shoot and got a photo taken with the newborn, which we always encourage and don’t charge extra for. Such a beautiful memory to be cherished forever.

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Just look at all that hair! This was such a lovely family to photograph and we got some great shots of this gorgeous little girl. During this newborn session we were sticking to neutral colours and not a lot of props, mostly just the natural baby by itself. Before your newborn shoot starts you will get to look through some albums and choose what you’re favourite photos are, what you like and dislike, so that we get an idea of your style and what you want so that we’re able to provide the best newborn photos for you. We also involved parents quite a lot in this session which is great (at no extra cost of course).

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