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Our studio space is something we're very proud of! Located right in the heart of the Sunderland City centre it's easily accessible, by train, bus, metro and car, including a dedicated parking space at the back of the building. We've put a lot of effort in creating this space to make it functional, safe and comfortable for our clients of all ages. It's fully equipped with professional lighting equipment, large variety of backdrops (paper, vinyl, canvas and wood), as well as broad selection of hand made props and accessories. We also included a cosy area for you to rest, have a cup of delicious coffee & tea, and even snooze away during your newborn session! 

The main room will welcome you with  the:

- photographing space (one large space with changeable backdrops and two smaller spaces prepared for baby and children portraits)

- viewing space with large wall mounted flat screen TV and comfortable armchairs

- display area, where you can see examples of our work, unique products and what's included in our packages



Be Ready to Enjoy!

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