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Job Description

You have just had your baby. A miracle of which you simply cannot take your eyes off. Through beautiful photographs you are grasping those non-lasting

moments of precious rarity and preserving them for years to come.

Our newborn sessions are usually held between 4th and 14th day of

baby’s life. This is because babies being so young are still caught

in the magic of womb like reflexes that allow posing them to fully

reflect that fresh, miraculous appearance of a newborn baby.

It also means that colic has not settled in yet and they are happy

to sleep through their whole session.

This is why our newborn sessions are usually booked in advance before

the baby is born, to assure the studio will be available for that precious

short window of first 14 days of your baby’s life.

And when booking your baby’s newborn session in advance you might also

want to consider capturing the beautiful state of your pregnant body

to compliment the gallery for your little one. For this purpose we offer

a range of Bump2Baby packages.

Project Details

  • Newborn

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