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Adorable little princess

What a beautiful family! They came to our studio in Sunderland for a newborn session after hearing about us from a friend.

Their little girl was only 10 days old on these photos, she slept and posed absolutely beautifully, isn’t she just so cute?

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Rayna 7 days old

This was such a fun and amazing session! Rayna who's only 7 days, and her older brother Riley, who's 7, both came to our studio for a session. The bond between this family was just so special. And just look at the top collage photo of Rayna and Riley laughing, isn't that just the sweetest thing!

Rayna like I mentioned before, was only 7 days old on these photos! That's such a perfect time for a newborn shoot. As you can see by the photos, this meant Rayna slept so peacefully, meaning the photos turned out just beautiful

And Riley was also so amazing on the session! He was really caring of his little sister, and always smiling! Such a sweet boy, and he also posed just great!

If you're thinking about booking a newborn session with us, please do it asap while you are still pregnant. This will guarantee an available slot for when your little one is finally here!

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Olivia 13 days old

This was a special session for me, as Olivia and her family came all the way from Richmond to our studio in Sunderland to have a newborn shoot. It's so sweet how clients are willing to take a longer journey just to have their photos taken with us!

Olivia was 13 on the day of her session, which is a perfect time to photograph a newborn. She slept just beautifully and as you can see, she posed beautifully too! Her older brother also decided to join in the photo, which I always encourage, as this is such a special family moment to capture (siblings and parents joining is free of cost)

If you are thinking about a newborn session, the time that Olivia came is just perfect, so make sure to book asap when you are still pregnant, to guarantee a slot for when your little one is finally here

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Most precious moments for the whole family

Look at these gorgeous 3 models! They all had such a lovely time and posed so beautifully. We always welcome siblings as well as parents in newborn sessions at no extra cost. These portraits make for most precious family keepsakes, freezing time not only for this little person to go back to, but for the whole family to remember how everything changed when that new person joined their lives.

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