Toby’s newborn session at Newborn Story Photography

It’s been nearly five years since we opened our studio in Sunderland and still, day after day we marvel at the beauty of our tiny models. Throughout these five years we won many awards, had training with the best of the best in the industry, have been listed as one of the Top 3 Photographers in Sunderland, and the best Newborn Photographer in Sunderland in 2017, and still every single time, we are humbled in the presence of new life, grateful for the privilege of being their first photographer.

Little Toby was only 6 days new when he visited the studio for his newborn session. It was an absolutely perfect moment, as the best time for a newborn session is between the 4th and 14th day of baby’s life!

This is because at this time, newborn babies are still caught in their magical womb like behaviour, happy to sleep for longer stretches allowing their miraculous newborn look to be captured undisturbed. And Toby was no different! He slept soundly and enjoyed posing, wrapping and changing as if there was nothing in the world that could disturb his sweet sleep.


Some of the poses you can see here require specialist knowledge and extra care to ensure safety of the baby. In some cases there is additional support required and a final photograph is actually a result of merging two or three photos together. So if you’re planning on having your baby’s photos done, make sure the photographer you chose can prove extensive training and knows all the safety rules for photographing newborn babies. Don’t feel shy to ask, it’s your baby’s safety that’s most important, and every professional newborn photographer will gladly share their training details with you.

It’s all about capturing beautiful moments, and preserving the memory of this special time in your family’s life. It should always be a relaxing and enjoyable experience!


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